Google’s Site Kit plugin for WordPress

Google launched its Site Kit plugin for WordPress benefiting WordPress users who are looking to drive revenue via their website. The plugin effectively brings multiple Google services (including Analytics, AdSense, PageSpeed Insights, and Search Console) under one screen to offer users a comprehensive dashboard view of the way people are interacting with their sites.

Google’s Site Kit has been out for a while and already installed on more than 400,000 websites. We’re seeing strong and consistent adoption growth every month. Google is continuously working to add more feature to the plugin like addressing the daily tasks of managing a site and growing its audience.

What was the motivation behind building this plugin? 

Many site owners want to keep track of how they’re doing on the web, but don’t have the time or the knowledge to understand complex reports from multiple tools. Moreover, website owners struggle a lot on how to set up the different tools with complex verification processes, tracing tags to get access to this information in the first place. The goal was to setup an intuitive platform that bring in all relevant stats and functionality from across Google products to help site owners to be successful on the web and the best place to have this screen is WordPress dashboard itself where website owner spends all their time managing website. This way, they don’t have to manage many screens and stats.

This is a very useful feature for developers and digital marketers to deliver a simple and easy to understand dashboard to their clients—this saves them lots of back-and-forth on the phone or email with clients.

Moreover, the plugin is developed by Google itself so you have every reason to install and try a functionality from the most credible source.

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