Common WordPress Security Questions

Is WordPress Secure?

Absolutely! The answer is YES. WordPress is in fact the most popular content management system in the world, and it didn’t get that way by not taking security seriously. The truth is that the biggest WordPress security vulnerability is its users. Most WordPress hacks on the platform can be avoided with a little effort from site owners.

How Do I Make My Website 100% Secure?

Unfortunately, there is not a 100% guaranteed solution for securing WordPress. Good security is all about minimizing risk. If anybody tries to sell you a 100% secure solution, they’re scamming you. You’ll never be completely safe, but there’s a lot you can do to minimize your risk.

My Website is Small. Do I Really Need to Worry About Security?

Even if you are the owner of a tiny website with low traffic, you still need to be proactive in securing your website. The truth is your website or business doesn’t have to be big to gain the attention of a would-be attacker.

Hackers still see an opportunity to use your site as a conduit to redirect some of your visitors to malicious sites, send out spam from your mail server, spread viruses or even to mine Bitcoin. They will take anything they can get.

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